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It's all about curb appeal!

Epic Foto Group

Our Services

We are your go to provider for all of your Real Estate, Architecture and Design marketing needs. Whether it be our high quality Architectural and Interiors photography, our Aerial imagery and video, or our cutting edge 3D property scanning, we are your source.


Founded in 2015, Epic Foto Group became a reality when Troy and Betty Grant decided to create a Real Estate photography business. From customer service to business management, Troy and Betty have combined their skill sets along with their passion for beautiful homes and formed Epic Foto Group.


Our vision

Our vision here at Epic Foto Group is to become synonymous in our marketplace with providing excellent service with the best quality interiors and architectural photography, while maintaining a leading edge in emerging technologies.

Why Epic Foto Group

A love for architecture plus a love for photography is what drives the team at Epic Foto Group.  One of the passions we practice at Epic Foto Group is a passion for how a simple structural idea becomes a home full of amazing interior designs.
From the simplest designs to the most elaborate, Troy and Betty view these beautiful structures as a visual story in a person's life.  Epic Foto Group strives to bring that visual story to life with creative photography which celebrates the lives that reside within the home.  

Our Mission

Epic Foto Group pledges to deliver first class service, extraordinary photography with fast turnaround times, and to never set an expectation that our Team cannot fulfill.  We pledge this because you, our Client, deserve it and our team would not have it any other way.

Epic Foto Group serves a unique set of clientele.  We partner with Realtors, Brokers, Architects, Builders and Designers to help showcase their homes, buildings and designs that they are wanting to promote.

Our team here at Epic Foto Group strives to provide service to our clientele that exceeds their expectations.  There is no home or building too large or too small for us to capture.  Each home or building is treated with the utmost care and passion by our team.

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