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Epic Foto Group

Founded in December of 2015, Epic Foto Group became a reality when Troy and Betty Grant decided to create a photography business that was different from what they had seen in the marketplace.  

From customer service, business management and a creative eye, Troy and Betty have combined their skill sets along with their passion for homes and formed Epic Foto Group.  

Our Team
Troy Grant
Photographer and President | Phone: 817-937-1772

Betty Grant
Matterport Specialist and Vice President | Phone: 817-521-6803

A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, Troy knew that taking wedding and baby pictures limited his full creative potential. With a love for structural design, Troy was always fascinated by how sticks and stones could be creatively formed into an architectural masterpiece.  Having a creative eye that always leads him to think, and photograph outside the proverbial box, Troy embraces the challenge to help others see the essence of a home or building by photographing spaces that enhance the natural beauty found in the architecture.

A former home furnishings boutique shop owner, Betty learned the skills of design and staging and knew she wanted to build upon these skills in a different way.  Multiple home ownerships and staging these homes for sale, Betty honed her design and staging skills over the years.  Having mastered these skills, Betty has an eye which she sees the ultimate beauty of and home and is able to capture the beauty and flow of the space with her Matterport scanning.

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