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Let Epic Foto Group do the heavy lifting.

Virtually stage any space.

Grab the slider below and take if for a test drive.  Each staged photo is $50, and when compared with the cost of paying for staging, is quite the bargain.

Our virtual staging offers, well, virtually any style of decor.  Whether you want the latest look from Chip and Joanna, Mid-Century, New York Chic or Cape Cod coastal, we have you covered.  With virtual staging, nobody has to break a sweat, and there is definitely no risk of damage to floors and walls from the moving crew.  And when you measure in cost savings, the clear choice is to virtually stage.  

Interior design and stagers often start in the thousands, and the larger the space, the more the thousands.  Even if you owned your own staging furnishings, for a fraction of the cost to set up and tear down you can virtually stage any space, with any style, and you have no overhead.

Give us a call to discuss Virtually Staging your listing!

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